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Simply WOW

Update May 13, 2016: This is officially the best app purchase Ive ever made. That class is finished and not once was this not enough; in fact, in every way possible it exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, based on my little critique below (which was false and just user error--my error), the app developer wrote me via my website and explained how to use the help/info options which explained everything. Thank you so much! I appreciate you making this available at such a reasonable price and saving students money. ________ Previous Review: Im taking a stats class right now and after the shock of textbooks costing $275 and needing to pay ___ for access to this and another ___ for access to that, I realized that I would need a graphing calculator, which would cost another $104+. This app not only saved me about $100 but thus far, I can figure out any differences between this interface and TI-84 and it has worked. Furthermore its on my iPad so everything is bigger and clearer than it would be had I bought a TI-84. Perfect. If I had to ding one thing about this app its that there doesnt seem to be a useful "help" or "how-to" guide, and given that its not actually identical to a TI graphing calculator, I fumble a lot until I figure it out. Would love some directions! Thank you for making this great app available.

7$ instead of over 100$ awesome

This is a great app for only 7$ since most ti calculators cost hundreds of dollars for anyone thinking this is expensive for an app and I dont want to waste my money dont worry this calculator functions just like any normal ti-83, 84 and up 100% recommend

Best ever

This is a perfect one to one to the ti-83. I use it for school and homework. Best 6$ Ive ever spent

Seriously a great app

This app is totally worth the $6 I paid, it does everything the physical calculator does and even more

Supper Great!

Really helpful

Great price but a there is a flaw

I am giving this 5 stars because compared to purchasing a ti-84 it is fantastic. A ti-84 is around $120 while this is only $6. We have ti-84s at our school and I prefer those because of the buttons being easier to use and press but they can do much about that because this is a touch screen phone. The one flaw I have found while using this is while zooming in closely to a line on the graph sometimes the line will move or extend a bit while I am zooming in then it will change positions when the zooming stops. I was graphing circles and just messing around with the app when I noticed this. I put y1=-sqrt(64-x^2) and y2=sqrt(64-x^2) and I noticed as I zoomed in to where they should presumably meet along the X axis they were messing up for me. Otherwise amazing app and I believe they actually have more features than a brand new ti-84.

Best calculator app for iOS!

This is by far the best calculator app for iOS. It has all the functionality of my trusty TI83 plus and has an excellent mod to the graphing portion (pinch to zoom). Worth every penny!

Even much better than the Original!

Super fast working, really really good Improvement and emulation of the real ti83. A Must-have for all those that are searching for a great calculator! Thanks so much for this wonderful App!

Best calculator for ios

Well made, well supported, well documented. What more could ask for?

Better than expected

Its unfortunate that the graphing-feature of this nice app fails to work on devices below iOS7(Can something be done about this,maybe a lite-version perhaps?).However it does work in full as described on iOS7 which Ive had a chance to test on.So far no issues encountered;everything seems working fast and smoothly like a charm.The developer is very responsive and helpful.Well-worth paying for. Suggestions for improvement: 1) A full-screen mode covering the entire screen for iPad devices may be a nice feature-addition. 2) Some useful function additions may be matrix eigen-value,eigen-vector,polynomial-roots,reverse-list,list-go-last-term,list-add-new-value(bottom-data-entry),sub-matrix,sub-list.3) Data-import directly from excel cvs-file.4) Will be really useful to see the maximum list-size setting increased from 999 to say.. a few thousand(i.e.3000).Inspite of the shortcomings,I think the developer has done an excellent job and trully deserves credit for it;hope he continues to further improve the work.

Can be better

Program editor needs rename,copy/paste


I love this app! It does everything that my TI-84 can do, and even a little more. I love how you can use pinch and zoom functions when graphing instead of dealing with adjusting the window!


This app is amazing. Perfect for transitioning from a TI graphing calc. I even noticed a calculation error, found the creators email and he quickly responded with information about the issue. If you havent considered this calculator yet, just buy it now! Best investment out there!

Best Calculator, 100%

Ive used this for over a year now at school. Works perfectly for all my math classes at college. My professor even likes how far back you can recall equations. He even lets me use it on exams. (I do sit in the front row anyways but still, phone on an exam is unheard of)

Good calculator Terrible graphing

I have used this calculator for graphing purposes mainly. Even when I reset the calculator and change the setting for example parametrics. Sometimes I doesnt even show the graph and it is not accurate that for sure. When I work on the real TI-83 it works fine and causes me no problems please fix this its a great app besides that huge flaw. I have an iPhone 6 by the way.

My favorite app

As a self proclaimed math nerd - when my TI-83 (I have had it since 1999) died last year I was wanting a replacement but couldnt justify the cost. This app!! Well worth the cost!

Function Keys

This is a great calculator app, but Im curious where the function buttons are.

This was great!!!

TRULY superb to all the other calculators!

Highly recommend

This is phenomenal. Incredibly easy to use and has everything you need for Math class and its cost effective

Luv it

It works great my fav calc app I tots recommend it

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