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Awesome - better than a real TI-84

Love this App - don’t need to haul another device with me. Now has fraction mode just like a TI84

Great customer service. Awesome application.

This app's developer is the best. I had a question after I purchased and he was on it in less than 2 hrs. He even comes out with improvements on occasion for free. It's awesome. This calculator is better than my ti84, and at a fraction of the cost you're getting it for a steal. If you have any need for an actual calculator unlike the bull one that comes with your phone; get this one. TL;DR This app is the best purchased app I've ever come across. A true hidden gem.

Great app

The only thing I think that could complete the experience is some haptic feedback. Outside of that, it’s a very well put together app!

Great App

The only calculator app I ever use. Very stable and easy to use.


I highly recommend this calculator. I'm always trying new calculators and this is, so far, the best.

Best calculator app ever

Best calculator app ever

Super good app

You might not be allowed to use this app on a test, but it is as functional as any standard graphing calculator out there. The developer has done a good job implementing all the features and even enhancing the experience with the phone touchscreen. It is not buggy or slow, and the design is well thought out. For me it was worth the investment.

Problem fixed

The problem I inquired about was fixed in literally a day. Can’t beat that! Awesome app.


I use this app daily for all of my engineering responsibilities! Excellent app and well worth the modest cost.

The best TI 83 emulator

GraphNCalc83 is the best TI 83 emulator I have seen for iPhone. I am going even further, it is even better than the calculator itself!!


Very helpful and convenient! Has all functions of ti-84

Fantastic for chemistry!!!

Not only is this basically a ti-84 calculator, it's also an amazing tool for studying chemistry. It has an entire periodic table that you can select any element and it tells you pretty much every property about it. The molar mass calculator gives you not only the molar mass of any compound but also shows the % mass of each element. A must have

Great calculator!

I love this calculator! I’m a math teacher and have been using it for years. It looks and works just like the old TI-83 so there is no learning curve if you are used to the original. Because of the touch screen to make zooming and tracing easy the graphing is much better than the original and, obviously, much faster. The last update changed the display so that the lines of entries alternate colors, which I don’t happen to care for, but that is just a personal preference. The developer did (does) a fantastic job with this app.

found a bug

This is a simple app but the creators decided to update it so show answers as a mixed number instead of a decimal. This is ok, but a bug was generated in doing this. When I click to use an old answer the mixed number is being represented incorrectly. For example (as shown on app): 255/2 = 127 1/2 255-ans= 191 1/2 The answer should be 127 1/2!!! This is a huge ERROR Either go back to decimal form or fix this please. Edit: They fixed this bug! 👍

The Real Deal

I had a class that required the physical calculator so I was delighted to find a virtual version that I didn’t have to relearn how to use.

Great for higher math

Most useful calculator for IPhone. Works without flaw for everything I’ve done on it. As many functions as a TI-84 but much more affordable and accessible. Couldn’t do my homework without it.

This calculator is the BEST!

This calculator is almost an exact replica of the TI-83 but with color graphs and touchscreen for finding zeros and intersections. He keeps finding small things to add and fix but it works just like the old calculator. You can write programs on it, use the color periodic table, finance solvers, geometry solvers, graphing almost any equation. I love it and don’t need to use anything else. I love doing statistics and predicting with regressions. This thing is so helpful!!!

Amazing Application

A wonderful app. Needs to be on every math student’s phone, if not just for the extensive documentation of all he calculators functions, but also it’s speed.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

It enjoy this app and encourage my students to use it because it accesses their prior knowledge and experience from their secondary level education. Plus it has intersection and root features that are easier and more intuitive than a handheld TI-83/84.

Best thing ever made for the iPhone!

I absolutely love this app! Ive had it for years and I still use it every day! I love all the new features! One complaint I do have about the newest update is that the older versions let you simply click your previous calculations and it would copy it right into the place where you are typing ! that saved me so much time especially when they are really long numbers. This new update isn’t letting me do it anymore ? Is there some way to turn it back on? If there is and you are reading this please let me know ! But if not I hope they add that part back in the future update, besides that this is the app MY iPhone was invented for ! It is amazing !

Useful app once you get used to it!

This app has everything you might need for a graphing calculator as far as I'm concerned in Geometry so far. The only thing I had trouble with is getting graphs to show, but it turns out I just had the wrong x and y parameters.

Great Calculator

Works just like my TI-84!!! Love it!!!

Awesome App

This is a great app. Obviously it can’t be used in test situations but students will have their phone with them all the time other than that and won’t need to take the TI along. I’m a tutor and this is a great tool to use instead of buying the TI for $100+. Manipulating graphs by touch screen, highlights for important points on the graphs, not to mention the benefit of taking screen shots for making study helps. This would be worth it at twice the price.

Graphncalc83 beats TI-84CE

Best $0.99 ever spent! Even better features than TI has. Especially the graph and intersect features. No longer need to ‘enter, enter, enter’ which is so anti-pedagogical and ludicrous. Graphncalc83 just lets you easily find the exact point of intersection with one step.

Great app

This app just keeps getting better!

The only calculator app

Thisbis, by far, the best calculator app I've used. It is is exactly like the old ti-83 calculator, which in my opinion is the best one ever made. But this adds in the power of the iPhone with a lot more bells and whistles to make it a modern calculator suitable for all levels from the middle school student to the corporate finance executive. Keep up the great work!

Really good

This is great cheap substitute for the real version.


Use this app daily. So fast!

TI-8X calculator for $7

Not only does this do an excellent job of emulating the TI-84/83 calculator, but it fixes many of the short comings of said calculator. The periodic table app is worth the money by its self. The update just makes it even that much better than a physical TI-84

Great Calculator!

This TI emulator is a wonderful mathematical tool. I have recommended that all of my physics students purchase this app.

Excellent graphing calculator

This calculator is both versatile and easy to use. For anyone used to a popular stand alone calculator, this app is an easy transition, as well as being more convenient, since it is always with me. I have used a couple other competing apps, but this is the one I kept. I look forward to using the new math typesetting feature. Thanks for building this app!

Love it


Better than a graphing calculator

This app is better than a graphing calculator due to the touchscreen capabilities. It is also much cheaper than a brand new TI-84 ($6 vs $120). As a HS math teacher, I allow my students to use their cell phones on many assignments. I recommend this app (and DESMOS) to any student that plans on using their cell phone to analyze math in and out of the classroom. I also love it since now I do not have to carry around a graphing calculator since I always have my cell phone with me when I teach and tutor.

Great to have this app on my phone

Teaching chemistry and physics in high school gives me lots of opportunities to need a calculator! My school uses the TI graphing calculators for both math as well as my science classes. It is helpful to use the same calculator for all my needs. I love the way I can carry numbers through multiple steps and grab equations previously used. The app will update from time to time with helpful notes to improve already excellent functionality!


I had this recommended do me from my teacher in Algebra. It’s just as good as a $100+ scientific calculator. I love it. I use it for my homework all the time. Great tool. No bugs. Correct answers. Just all around great.

Best Option Out There

This app has saved me hundreds of dollars and hundreds of headaches. It’s pretty much impossible to do any calculations when I’m trying to re-teach Geometry, Alg. 1 or Alg. 2 without a TI graphing calculator. This app has made it possible for me to do my job all without having the tools to do so readily available to me. The only thing is I’m finding things out on my own little by little in terms of functions, graphing, and matrices. Other than that the app is spot on.

Wow! Faster than my TI-84 Plus CE

This app does everything my TI-84 does a hundred times faster with more colors and way better resolution. Graphs draw with LABELED axis markers and you can instantly find intersections just by dragging your finger over the intersection point. It worked perfectly for my stats class last quarter and this new update is even better! I LOVE the new font size arrow keys and the math typesetting and the shading on the display makes it super easy to find your result. Thanks developer for another great free update👏👏👏


Great calculator. Handy, easy to use, excellent for educational as well as professional purposes. I am very pleased. They are always finding ways to improve their already excellent product.

Its worth every dollar

This does everything a TI 83 does and it has a similar layout as well. In the graph mode its even easier to use than the calculator. Great app 6/5 stars.

Great App

Every math student should have this

Love the update! Jan 2018

I’ve used this ‘function, feature rich’ calculator for several years now. It’s and excellent math resource; even more so with multi-taking features. I use it almost daily. The decimal answer display is a wonderful new feature. Thank you!

Like a TI-83+, only better

Bought this on a whim while taking a Stats class to compliment my ancient TI-83+, and am blown away by it. As other reviews have stated, perfect port of the 83, with vast improvement made to UI and function explanations. Worth every penny and more, could not be happier.

Immediately loved the new features and format

I have to admit, the last version was a bit difficult to work with, and the design was not optimal. The new features of the updated version, specifically the calculator font size modifier and screen color, greatly improved my experience with the program.


Is perfect. I feel right at home with this TI-83 like graphing calculator.

Bang-on version of TI calculators

I love it when an app works exactly how I think it should. This app launches super fast, improves on TI calcs by taking advantage of touch screen, and it never crashes. Love this app. Dear TI, you know those calculators you’ve been charging over $100 for the two decades? Your time is up.


This is honestly the most amazing calculator app out there!! Get it!!!

Outstanding graphing calculator

Purchased this app vice an actual graphing calculator for my calculus class. Had zero issues with the application, the handouts provided to show button functionality/equation input on a TI-83 matched exactly to what the app has. I would argue the developer went above and beyond in being able to add additional functionality. The developer has great support and provides free updates which is reassuring to see the app being supported.


Great app. Does everything a t-83 would, just without the hefty price tag. Absolutely love it.

Best Calculator App!

I'm an engineering student and I use this whenever I don't have my graphing calculator with me. Works fantastic. I've tried at least 5 other graphing calculator apps on ios this one is easily the best. Updated for iphone X too! 5/5 stars

Great calculator. Great price

I needed a calculator for stats but didn’t want to spend a lot of money just for one winter session. This calculator does exactly what I need it to do. Excellent job with the app!

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